Monday, March 15, 2010

Our trip to Mn

What can I say about Minnesota? Well, it smells better than North Dakota.  And it has some trees.

The Guy had some training in Minneapolis, so instead of sending him by himself to a strange city, we decided to make a trip of it.  Monty went to stay at his favourite kennel while we packed up the truck and drove on into the distance.

The Guy and I have an amazing ability that, every time we travel, it rains.  This time we lucked out.  It rained and had intense fog.  We drove the first night to Bismarck amongst the worst fog we've ever seen.  Well, The Guy saw it.  I slept.

We arrived two days into our journey to land on the doorstep of Mae and John.  We had not spent any time with them before -- they were friends of friends and happened to live in the right neighbourhood.  We knew little about them and they us.  But we lucked out.  They are fantastic.

For me and Mae, I think it was love almost immediately.  Like kindred spirits -- we had the same sense of humour, the same need to tease people endlessly, and the same ability to sit in front of the tv and do nothing but visit.  It was perfect.  While The Guy trudged endlessly on in his classes, I had a wonderful week of visiting, eating, watching movies, shopping and going to plays.

The cats were an added bonus.  I've never much liked cats, but that was before Luke and Bo.  I had a little cry when I realized we were leaving the next morning and I wouldn't get to take Bo home with me.  I know, Monty would be super offended, but I loved Bo.  I think it was reciprocated as, while I was packing, he tried to crawl into my bag.

The trip home was long, but great.  The hotels were awful, but that's a tale for another day.  We spent a lot of time together in the truck and shopped and rested.  The fog was still present, but not as awful.  Or, so I'm told.  I knitted and read the whole time, so I kind of missed it.  But, I made a dog sweater, a pair of gloves and a toque.

So, you know, it wasn't a wasted trip.

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