Monday, December 14, 2009

Warning: My cleavage may punch you in the eye. Sorry about that.

My wedding pictures are in!  Yes, it's almost three months since we got married, but there's an explanation for why they are so late.  

My photographer fell off a roof.

The plan was to have the pictures back a few weeks after the wedding.  However, my photographer and his wife had to go out of town for two weeks, so the pictures were pushed into the middle of October. But, just when they returned from their trip, they got the flu.  With the H1N1 flying around everywhere, it was understandable that the pictures would be a little later.  Like the end of October.

And then my photographer fell off a roof.

He spent some time in hospital as they tried to determine if he had a brain bleed on top of the broken collar bone and cracked ribs.  Then he spent a long time resting in order to be able to be awake for more than an hour at a time.  The second CAT scans showed no brain bleed and no brain damage (which everyone was so thankful for knowing another family who did not have such good news).  He was on the road to recovery! He then started physio.

But, today while I was in bed with a migraine, the pictures arrived at our door!  Once I was awake (and the light wasn't making me want to rip out my own eyes) The Guy and I loaded the CD into the computer.  And started the process of uploading over 950 pictures.   It took over half an hour and by then I was almost late for my meeting.  

But, finally, I have uploaded a select few onto Facebook.  I narrowed it down to 59 pics.  Here they are.  Don't worry if you don't have an FB account -- you don't have to for this link. 

Later I will upload all of them to Flickr so they will be held safe for eternity.   I'll let you know.

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  1. Awesome pictures. Especially the shoes. Those are some nice looking shoes. And also you look beautiful.


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