Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yet another reason why I order take out.

My mother-in-law purchased us a couple of chickens from the Hutterites.  We threw them in the freezer and never thought of them again.  That is, until I decided to make one for supper.  Around 3:30pm, The Guy reminded me that I should be throwing one in the oven. 

I realized that the chicken was frozen.  Panicked, I looked on the Internet to find out what I needed to do to cook it.  I've made a turkey before, but it had instructions on it and my Grandma was there.  I looked it up though, and was sure I could do it.  I mean, how hard could it be?


I put the chicken in.  I cooked it the time it told me too.  I used a MEAT THERMOMETER.  I was serious.  It should have been perfect.  The Internet told me it would be. 

I cut into it.  It bled.  I thought maybe it was just chicken juice - but no, it was blood.  At this point, it was an hour after I was ready to eat.  In desperation, I tore the skin off and ate it.  The Guy doesn't like it any way and I figured that I likely couldn't get salmonella from the skin.  I contemplated either throwing it in the microwave or throwing caution to the wind and sticking the entire thing in my mouth.  I couldn't figure out what to do.  I put it back in.

I took it out again.  Used the meat thermometer again.  It was supposed to be done. 

It wasn't.  I threw the damn bird back in.  Finally, I ate the potatoes and veggies.  I pouted.  An hour and a half later, it was almost done.  The Guy had broken down and poured himself a bowl of cereal.  I put the finally cooked chicken into a container and threw it in the fridge.  I couldn't make myself eat it.

We'll have leftovers for the week which is good, but it is going to be hard to make myself eat it. 

Stupid effing chicken.


  1. Put it in the oven at 500 for an hour then turn it down to 350. It is the fastest way I know.
    It least it had been cleaned.

  2. So, sometime...when I am again sad at not having enough people to cook for (almost all the time) and you both have a busy day planned, can I come over and cook the other bird so you come home to one that's already done? Please?


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