Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Then I was 4 -- or so I hear

This continues NaBloPoMo: a daily post of stories of my life - 33 years in 30 days. The third instalment is here.

The year I turned 4, our family packed up from the northern village life and moved to a small prairie town in the middle of our fair province.  My mom was expecting another baby and my dad had just gotten a government job.  I was about to start school the near future, so I imagine they had been looking for an excuse to get us closer to civilization, closer to family, and closer to a school.

Dancing on the table.

We moved into a two story little yellow house not far from the water tower.  We were within walking distance of the school and main street.  Actually, it was a small town.  We were within walking distance of a lot of places.  I don't remember much about that first year in town.  I remember there were finally little kids to play with -- Dawn and Jennifer lived across the back alley.  We had a swing set in the yard and a garden with corn taller than I was. Life was simple then.

In the fall, my Mom brought home our newest sibling.  It was the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend and Ky came to us earlier than we expected.  A preemie, she weighed less than any of us and still more than most.  She looked a bit like a monkey, but she was pretty cute. 

Me and my newest sister, Ky.*

*She's lucky I picked the picture where she looks pretty cute. 
There were some other awesome options.


  1. Wow, not a great pic of mom there, eh?

    I miss that afghan.

  2. That town seemed like a metropolis when Chris lived in Eatonia. It had Panago Pizza and Curves! And Zellers! And Canadian Tire!

    How did I not know that Ky was a preemie? How early was she? She and I were supposed to be even closer in age than we are?

  3. Dude, you did too know. I've talked about it a bazillion times. I was two weeks early and I weighed over 8 pounds.


  5. How did I forget that? I know about you looking like an orangutan, of course.

  6. Three weeks and you did not
    WE knew when you were due but Dr disagreed. So you were born on his date and he says in shock she is early Doh!

  7. Did not look like an orangutan and did not weigh over 8 lbs. 7lbs 2.5 oz

  8. But my baby book says over 8 lbs. What the what?

  9. OK. Guess I am getting old and remember things that never happened.


Crap monkies say "what?"