Sunday, November 08, 2009

Moments with Grandma

After seeing a family picture where she is the shortest person by over 7 inches, Grandma exclaimed to her friend “I had no idea I had shrunk to be a dwarf!!”


When asked what meat she had put in her potato salad, she couldn’t remember. I thought they looked like hot dogs and said so. She assured me that no, it wasn’t hot dogs. It was something very easy to make. Then she remembered, “Hot dogs!” This was followed moments later by “NO!!!! WEINERS!!!!”


Grandma asked if we thought she was stubborn.  When we agreed she was shocked.  "No I am not!" Yes, we assured her.  She is.  "Give me an example!"

Hey, Gram... This right here.  That's stubborn.


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Tanya gets upset that we laugh at Grandma because "She is 90 years old and how do we thing we will act when when we are 90?"
    Just as odd I expect. So laugh. Our turn will come.

  2. I love your Grandma. She's so little and cute.

  3. NO!!! WEINERS!!! I laughed out loud. We should all be so awesome in our golden years.


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