Monday, September 07, 2009

More new things

I've been tinkering with the site again.  I can't help it.  It's an obsession.  The more stressed and busy I am, the more I want to do nothing but completely work over my site.  It's either that or stare at my pores with a 10x mirror.  I think this is the healthier option.

So, I decided I wanted a navigational bar for the site.  A helpful, one stop shop for my people to check things out.  I searched the web to figure out how to put it on my page.  I searched, I searched and then I broke down and begged Schmutzie for advice.  She's my blog guru and takes pity upon me in my ignorance. 

She did take pity on me and now the bar is up and works like a charm.  I'm thrilled.  There are a lot of new things to look at.  So, come and take a look.


  1. Most of that is your hard work, woman. And it's good. You're all new and shiny!


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