Monday, July 06, 2009

Fat as Aunt Annie

For years, my grandmother has had a saying we've heard with a fair amount of regularity. "Fat as Aunt Annie" became something we took for granted as a saying said all over the world.

One day, Ky asked her directly "Grandma, where did the saying 'Fat as Aunt Annie' come from?"

Grandma looked at her kind of puzzled like and said, "I had an aunt named Anne. She was really fat."
The other night, we heard Grandma talking on the phone to one of our aunts. She was talking about how grateful she was that Ky and I were able to come visit her. She then noted that I had taken her grocery shopping earlier and she had bought some treats. She closed the conversation with a typical Grandma-ism.

"I shouldn't have bought all those snacks. These girls don't need to gain any more weight".

Thanks Grandma.


  1. That's just funny- Grandmas have no rules about tact, do they?

  2. Wow, I am so not looking forward to seeing Grandma this week. Hopefully my GIANT SCHOLARSHIP WIN will distract her from the 30 lbs I gained at school this year.

  3. I'm starting to wonder what her measure for "fat" is, considering the fact that she's now referring to me as "stout" and "used to be thin."

  4. And she will want you to eat three helpings of dinner, while at the same time admonishing you about weight. But when you are 90 years old and weigh 89 lbs, I guess everyone looks fat.

  5. Love it ! I think as people get older, they lose their "filter". My Mom is the same way, anything she thinks comes out of her mouth.


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