Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad, bad man

Monty immediately reverted to his regular BAD behaviour the second Vicki arrived. From all accounts, each of the three original dogs are fairly decently behaved once alone. And just as we suspected, when you put them back together, they return to their bad behaviour. All week if Vicki made a break from the door, there was no stopping Monty from going after her. However, if Vicki is on a leash, Monty can be left free. He will come to me. I maintain that Vicki is evil. Cute, but evil.

Monty has taken NB as his second home and has been protecting it madly from stray dogs (like the dog Chloe who actually lives on the grounds) and small children. Small children cannot be trusted. So says Monty.

Of all the people and dogs walking by, the person Monty has hated the most is Bill Baynes. Old, decrepit, Bill Baynes. Bill has had numerous strokes and other health issues over the years. He walks hunched over, one s l o w step at a time.

Montel sees Bill plodding down the road and LOSES HIS MIND. Monty barks and barks, runs in circles, and chases Bill down the road. Bill just trundles on by, ignoring Monty all the while, and makes his way slowly out of sight. I told Bill that Monty thinks Bill must be up to something. Bill agreed he probably was.

I find this funny. Bill probably hasn't be up to something for 50 years now.


  1. Vicki is really a cat, disguised as a dog. Poor Bill, to be barked at every step of the way. Hope he is hard of hearing too.

  2. Awesome blog! I'll definitely be following you ... but not in a stalkerish kinda way. ;)

  3. Are you really so sure that "Bill probably hasn't be up to something for 50 years now." Ya' just never know.

  4. Picturing Monty and Bill and their battle of good vs. evil has given me a good laugh-out-loud moment for the day. It helps that Monty was the name of my grandma's morbidly obese poodle.


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