Monday, June 22, 2009

It's just a little breakdown

This was the comic at today's Garfield Minus Garfield. It could not have been more appropriate for today. Today, has been a terrible, no good, very bad, dreadful, sucky day. Actually, the day itself is not that bad. It's just the things I've dealt with today that has been so frustrating I have wanted to scream.

It started out decently. I planned to watch Neighbour Lady's baby while she mowed the lawn. Between Neighbour Lady and myself, we are going for the "Who is the worst neighbour" award. It's been three weeks since we last made the rounds, and both lawns looked a little trailer park. So, I watched Neighbour Baby and we had fun. Then it was my turn to mow.

Since I gave my lawn mower to my brother, I've been borrowing either The Guy's or the neighbours. My lawn has been in a regular state of jungle almost every moment in between. I figure it is just my part for the environment -- using less gas, and letting the grass make more oxygen. Anyway, onto the sucky part.

The lawn is now about a foot tall. The lawn mower is testy. It is hot out and the sun is brutal. So, I start the mower and take a swipe at the grass. The mower dies. Start the mower, swipe the grass while holding the mower at an angle, back up, lower mower, swipe again, mower dies. On and on I did this until I am almost half way done and it's been an hour. I am sweating, angry, and the mower won't start. So I went through an entire litany of every swear word I have ever known (it's embarrassingly not that many). And then, I give up.

It is then I looked up and saw the rain clouds gathering.


  1. You need a solar powered worm-drive lawn mower - a sheep.

  2. Between the 2 yards we could have fed a flock of sheep today.

  3. Unfortunately we just passed the "no urban livestock" bylaw last night. No sheep. And technically, the Guy sold his lawnmower to me with the house. You have a perfect excuse to never cut the lawn again.


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