Thursday, May 07, 2009

Too excited

I can't sleep. I'm too excited. Today was a big day.

The wonderful Janny came over today. We created my wedding invitations and printed them off. Now, I say "we" as in the Royal We. As in, I did nothing but wait, play farming on Facebook, pace, play with Neighbour baby, and offer my opinion when called for. Oh, and sometimes I counted paper. Like I said, it was a big day.

The Guy called half way through our foray into the world of invitations with great news. His sister's condo has an offer in on it. With conditions to be removed before May 15th. So, she will be buying The Guy's place (she is buying a house for her - but once was my - dog, Maddy). This means The Guy and I are likely going to be able to put a real offer on a house we love. We will then be less stressed in waiting for my house to sell because at least we won't have three houses now.

I am nearly crawling out of my skin with excitement at the possibilities. God willing - and as long as I don't die tomorrow - this will all work out. In our favour.

Terror, any one?


  1. Find yourself a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and breathe deeply (from your diaphragm).

    That will help you calm down.

    Then you can go back to playing "musical houses."

  2. That is good news.
    If your house doesn't sell right away you can rent it out and become a slum lord or turn it into a shelter for homeless people.

  3. Great news(newses?)! Good luck with everything!


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