Monday, May 18, 2009

Reasons to see Star Trek, even if you hate Star Trek

I have watched Star Trek before. I watched all the movies in a weekend long festival of mint chocolate chip ice cream and Klingon's*. I watched the show in reruns and was hopelessly devoted to Wesley Crusher on ST:TNG. I liked them all well and good, but wasn't about to run out and jump into a skin tight purple costume or put ridges on my forehead. If I ran across Star Trek I was fine with it. If not, I didn't lose sleep. Although, I did spend a significant period of time dreaming about Commander Riker. Mmm.

Anyway, my point was about Star Trek (2009). Go see it. Now. Directly. Stop reading and go see it. Seriously. I will wait.

Well, if you won't go now, I will tell you why you should go.
  1. They cast the characters perfectly to compare to the original Star Trek.
  2. Captain Kirk - Chris Pine is smarmy, sleazy, mischievous, adorable, and totally addictive. I love him. They could not have chosen someone who was more suited to Captain Kirk but who still was a decent actor. Adorable!!
  3. Spock - Zachary Quinto is one of my favourites on Heros, but he is AWESOME in this. Completely able to show great depths of emotions while showing none at all. The lift of his eyebrow is swoon worthy.
  4. Dr. McCoy is sexy. Meow.
  5. They used just enough of the original lines that you would cheer and not so many that you were sick of them.
  6. Funny!!!
  7. Simon Pegg as Scotty was brilliant.
  8. Original music was used for the space fighting scenes. Or, at least it sounded like the original music which is just as good.
  9. The guy who played Captain Pike is almost as sexy as Mark Harmon.
  10. I wanted to turn around and walk into the theatre and watch it again as soon as I was done.
There. Now don't you want to go? GO!!!

*Not those kind of cling ons.


  1. I went Saturday night and man those men were hot. Spock totally did it for me...sigh.

  2. Starship Enterprise and toilet paper both cirle Uranus looking for Klingons.

  3. I never knew you were a Trekie - impressive!

  4. Who knew that one of the prereqs for working on the Starship Enterprise was that you had to be dazzlingly sexy?

    Also, Sulu. You missed Sulu.

  5. Simon Pegg is Scotty?!?!?!

    I was in before, but now I can't wait!


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