Thursday, April 02, 2009

Self Portrait FAIL

I know, I used a gamer term. Whatever, I'm hip with the new fab lingo. And when you see these pictures, you will know why I used it.

Here is my first attempt. Not sure what I found so amusing, but there it is.
Could my nose be any bigger??

And here is my "Muppet" face. In this one, I was trying to be serious and smile.
Instead, I just look a little mental and surprised.

Oops! Flash is on.

There. FINALLY. A decent picture of me with my new hair. I like it.


  1. Now I understand Ky's comment about your dad's new pic.

    Your pix look great!

  2. I love your new hair! It's super cute.

  3. I love the hair, too, but you need to SMILE!!!

  4. Thanks everyone.

    PS I tried to smile. That's when I looked special. I cannot smile for pictures. But, at least I didn't tilt my head.

  5. Oh, that first pic looks so cute! No fail! I really do like it. I like your new haircut too. I wish I could get away with a cut like that. Yeah, and sometimes the whole smiling thing feels so fake and stiff that I opt for not smiling and just looking bemused. Does this mean you will be changing your profile picture? :)

  6. Best haircut ever. I adore it on you.

  7. In the second picture you might be
    Robbie's cousin?

  8. Your hair really suits you and, if possible, makes you even cuter. However, I maintain that you are even way more cute in real life. Photos just can't capture your awesomeness.

  9. I love it! I also love that you have a muppet face. Pretty much every picture that's taken of me looks like a muppet. And not the cute ones.


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