Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I thought I should complete the story of the teacher from hell. The next year, there was a fund raiser where we raised money to make our "favourite" teacher kiss a goat. Mr Galloway won by a landslide. He was not pleased. I like to think the school banded together to get revenge for the few students whose lives he made miserable.

My dad arranged for the goat to be brought to school.
I remember thinking it smelled bad, but look at how cute it was!
(Ignore the fuzzy picture. Apparently, the 80s did not have great automatic cameras.)

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  1. If Ella had gone to the Principal, Galloway would have gone to the fire. Dave knew what was going on but needed a parent to come foreward with a complaint to nail his nuts to a chair. He told your mom that years after.


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