Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One down, two to go

My first day of meetings went fairly well. Not nearly as chaotic or as dull as I expected. I can't say I'm thrilled to be here, but I've met some nice people so far. The only other thing I can say is I hate the term "yous". As in "Yous guys are awesome." Yours grammar sucks. Go back to skewl. Moron.

The highlight of the days thus far, has been one woman who got up to talk about her experience with the union in her early years. She talked fervently about a strike she was involved in "I remember that first strike fondly. I got pregnant there on the picket line." Hmm, they certainly striked differently than we do today. I wonder if they were more successful.

Another quotable moment came when our president talked about how nerve wracking it was to put his name in for consideration to be president and how overjoyed he was with the support of all the members. No one ran against him. It was less the support of the members and more the apathy of the competition.

I am looking forward to another fun filled day tomorrow. I only hope someone else will amuse me with not thinking before they speak. Well, considering I'm at a union function...


  1. A couple of my peeps are at that conference, too.

    If we ever go on strike, I'm totally using protection.

    Hey, are you going to sign up for that prairie women's school in June?

  2. What, someone screwed by the Union? Unheard of.


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