Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sucktacular day

Today sucked the big monkey bum from sunrise to sunset. (Now that song is stuck in your head.) There have been moments of sunshine amidst the spectacular rain of crap.

Last night, I couldn't sleep. It could be the futon. Or, it could have been the 3 cokes before bed. Whatever. I finally fell asleep around 2am. Lyn woke up shortly after that and spent the next hour completely stupefied by my whistling booger. Anyway, I fell asleep only to be woken at 8:30am to take Ky and Lyn to the University. I dropped them off, got Tim Horton's, and came home to clean Ky's apartment and get ready for a shopping extravaganza with Amanda while Ky and Lyn did homework.

At noon, Amanda, Vicki and I got into the car to drive back to the university to pick up the girls. I flipped the key in the car and... nothing. Nothing. And then I noticed the lights were left on. Expletive. I called the girls to get them to walk toward home and to get Ky's CAA card number. (It's her car, I don't have CAA because I'm covered by the dealer.)

Then I called CAA. Or, BCAA, if you prefer. I waited on the line for a few minutes as the announcer guy told me all about the specials. I grumbled and bitched just as the operator came on. Oops. I told her what I did, what we needed (i.e. a tow truck to boost us) and then she started to yell. Seriously. I was taken to task by a CAA operator. It's like being yelled at by the workers at the bottle recycling depot. She yelled at me because Ky wasn't in the house and I didn't have the card. Um... come start the car and Ky will be here and she will have the card. Finally the operator told me we would have 45 mins and I knew Ky would be back by then.

Amanda stayed behind in case the tow truck showed up early and I walked with Vicki to meet Ky and Lyn. I was in a mad so I stomped down the street. Suddenly, the ground fell out from beneath my feet. I hit the ground with astounding accuracy. In front of an old lady and her dog. I stood slowly, testing my weight on each foot, and determined I was still alive. Knee throbbing, ankle aching, I continued a might slower to meet the girls.

Finally, we met and turned for home. Arriving at home, we saw the car was running. Success! Until we saw Amanda's face. The tow truck guy had reamed her out, treated her like crap, and then threatened Ky's membership. Ky contacted the people at CAA and determined that no, the tow guy does not have the power to cancel memberships, he was just an ass.

We were all in a mood by this time. Then I got a text from The Guy. This added fuel to my already steaming mood. I decided this day called for bad food and possibly excessive drinking. Finally, Amanda and I just went shopping because it was either that or possibly explode in rage of the day.

I ranted for a few minutes. Amanda ranted for a few minutes and then we decided to move on. Good music played and we drove on. Straight into construction. Sigh. However, there was a cute construction guy. As we drove by, I rolled down the window, grinned at the guy and told him he was utterly adorable. He looked shocked and said "Thanks! So are you!" I felt much better.

We went to the mall. I bought kick-a$$, dark red, four inch heels for my wedding and had Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream. The rest of the day was much better.


  1. Big hug.
    My posty word is chumplu.

  2. I've been saying it for years and now I have proof - ice cream really IS the best medicine!


  3. Ice Cream and shopping, what more can you ask for? Perhaps a Tim Hortons on the way home:)

  4. There is ONLY one way to have so many bad things happen in one day, to have the promise of friends, sisters, and some high heels in your future.


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