Monday, February 16, 2009

Know what we need?

A penny whistle and moracca concert first thing in the morning. Especially if Hot Cross Buns is played. That would be awesome.

Have I mentioned visiting my sister is great? Well, not so much first thing in the morning. Ky and Amanda combine their powers to become even more annoying together than they can possibly be separate.

** Director's note: Posting will be sparse this week as there is only one internet connection for 3 computers. Sigh. Backwater people.


  1. How did the mutt make out on the flight? Cats opinion of new house mate?

  2. Seriously, we need to get Ky a wireless router. Or you'll have to bring your computer over here.

  3. I don't know about hot cross buns the music, but I love hot cross buns the food.

  4. & now I'm humming "hot cross buns" in my head... :) glad you're there! Hope you have a BLAST, annoying sister/friend combinations and all!!!


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