Thursday, January 15, 2009


Here are the rules of the game (for me):
Pick 10 of your favorite movies
Write a quote from each movie
Make your friends guess the quote
Fill in the film title once it’s been guessed

These rules are for you people:
Don't cheat.
Leave your answer(s) in the comments.
Don't mock my movie choices. (I added this. You will see why.)

  1. I don't feel I need to explain my art to you, Warren. Empire Records
  2. If you two will excuse me. Naked male insecurity really leaves me cold. The Cutting Edge
  3. Happy - smile. Sad - frown. Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion. French Kiss
  4. P.J. I like that, do you know I do. Hiss, put it on my luggage. Robin Hood - The Cartoon
  5. Screw you and the horse you rode in on. That's not a horse, that's a sheep! Dream A Little Dream
  6. All the facts about you are insults! Hello Dolly!
  7. Don't go near the river! But Betty. Don't go near the river! Good Morning Vietnam
  8. Fine? You know what "fine" stands for, don't you? Freaked out. Insecure. Neurotic. And, emotional. The Italian Job
  9. See that? It's grass. Don't eat it. A League of Their Own
  10. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. The Princess Bride

Thanks for playing!!


  1. Oh, bloody hell, I can't get any of these! You picked some tough ones (or else I just suck at remembering movie lines)...(which is actually true, I really do suck at remembering movie lines).

    Okay, is #3 from Little Miss Sunshine?

    That's it. I am clueless...and embarrassed! :-)

  2. 1. Empire Records
    4. Robin Hood, the Cartoon
    6. Hello, Dolly!
    8. The Italian Job
    9. A League of Their Own
    10. The Princess Bride

    I bet these would be tough (well, except for #10) for anyone who hasn't spent their life watching movies with you and your sisters!

  3. The first HAS to be Empire Records. I loved that movie.

    The only other one I can even think of now is the obvious Princess Bride reference, number 10.

    Must go home and see if Empire records is on anywhere....

  4. 5. Dream a Little Dream.
    7. Good Morning Viet Nam

    Mary got all the rest of the ones I knew.

  5. #2. The Cutting Edge
    i think?

  6. Why did I have to be in school when you posted this??? WHY OH WHY?


  7. i love empire records ... although people who don't know the movie think i am weird when i refer to important days as "rex manning day" and break out with "damn the man, save the empire!" when i am feeling repressed by the system! ;)

    sugar high ... gotta have it really need it to get by.

    did i mention i love the movie?


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