Saturday, January 03, 2009

The day after

The sisters have gone home. Ky's flight left from S'toon at 1pm. Lyn and Ky packed up Lyn's car this morning bright and shiny to get Ky to the airport.

They had to plod through two feet of snow to get to the car. It has been doing nothing but snowing and blowing all week so the piles were pretty high. Especially since I haven't been feeling well enough to shovel and The Guy declined when I offered he should come over and shovel for me.

The hot lines were saying no one should be driving today, but there wasn't any choice. Air Canada is the least helpful company in the world and when Ky called to find out what to do since the roads were so bad they told her to "try and make it" anyway. Useless. Combine that with their ridiculous and arbitrary rules, their lack of customer service, and their overpriced yet highly uncomfortable seats it is a wonder they are still running at all.

But, I got a message from Lyn that they made it on time, so that is all good.

For me, I am mostly sitting here recovering. From not only the busyness of the season, the overwhelming amount of crap I've eaten in the last three weeks, the cold I am trying to stop before it starts, but also the constant noise that has existed in my house lately.

Do you hear that? Yeah, me neither. It's called SILENCE.

The dogs are all passed out in various places about the room and I am cuddled on the couch drinking a sumo wrestlers weight in tea, honey and Neo-Citran mix. (Seriously, greatest concoction ever.) I am going to have a shower (being sick smells a lot like BO and old socks.) And then I might have some food that isn't porridge.

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  1. Why does anyone fly Air Canada when WestJet is available?


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