Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas craftiness

I have been on a rant trying to pare down stuff in my house. I have a plethora of stuff. I cannot stand it any more. So, before I would allow anything to be put up in my house, I wanted to go through all 13 bins of Christmas stuff with the sisters and decide what to keep.

Yes, 13 bins. 13. Bins. Of CHRISTMAS.

Since we combined all the family Christmas items into one collection, it has been overwhelming. I have been hesitant to do much with anything and don't want to throw out anything for fear it is the one thing that was the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER to someone in my family. I can be a lot less sentimental about things when I am overwhelmed by the mess of them.

Tonight, we went through everything. We sorted out each and every box and bin. We talked about the stories of them, why we loved them, and we (read: Ky) took a zillion pictures. We threw out, recycled, regifted, put aside for Dad, and put away for later every item. It was liberating. Now, tomorrow we will decorate.

One of the things we realized when we were finished is that we had no wreath to use. The wreath I love (made by one of my favourite people, Mother of JAG) had finally disintegrated into a bazillion pieces. The other ones were cute, but not something you want to display as a person under 90. So, I got an idea. I was going to make a wreath.

I grabbed two pieces of garland. The sparkly green and silver stuff you buy for $5 at Wal-Mart. I took a hanger, a piece of bow, and some random mini decorations that had once covered a teeny tree. And then, I started a project.

I bent the wire hanger into a circle with the sheer force of my will. Then, I crocheted the garland to the wire hanger. I started by tying the garland to the top. Then I used basic crocheting technique to attach the garland to the wire. When I was finished, I forced Ky to tie a bow (I was having issues) and put the little decorations on. It took less than 15 mins to make the whole thing. The final result was this:

Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas next year??

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  1. Why, you are a regular Martha Stewart. The picture idea is great. Memories, not things, are important. And I'd love blogs from all of you on past Christmas memories.


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