Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why new technology is bad.

I came back from a long day at work and noticed Grandma had called. Being a horrible, ungrateful grandchild, I neglected to return her call immediately. Instead, I walked and fed the dogs, made myself some supper, and tidied up the house a bit. After that, I figured it was too late to call her back. I felt guilty, but nothing I couldn't handle with some leftover Halloween candy.

About 30 minutes later, Grandma called again. In a panic. She told me she must have missed her phone because she checked her call display (Ok, who got her call display?) and a call had come in from the bus depot around 9pm. And she had missed it. What was she going to do??

Grandma went on to ponder who had made the call and what they had needed from her that she had neglected to offer because she had not heard the ring. Here is the rest of the conversation:

G'ma: I mustn't have heard it. I was in the other room. I have three phones. I should have heard it. Do you think it was Lyn? She was heading home this weekend.

me: No, I don't think Lyn would call from the bus depot. She's driving home.

G'ma: She is? Well, what if she had car trouble and stopped to call?

me: Nope. She's got a cell phone.

G'ma: Oh. Well, I wonder who it was??

me: It might have been a wrong number.

G'ma: No, I looked on the call display. It said "bus depot".

me: Well, how about I tell Lyn you are sorry you missed her call?

G'ma: That would be lovely, dear. I'll let you go now.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo for November. Why? I hate you. It's true.


  1. Maybe someone needs to explain to her how call display works. Dwayne got her a call display phone after that other late night call disturbed her so much. He was hoping it would calm her down...

  2. Your grandma sounds adorable.


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