Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dog fight!

Not since the dreaded "Dogs Ate Her Face" fiasco have Vicki and Montel gotten into any really bad fights. They have had small brawls now and again -- easily stopped with a blanket over the both and separating them underneath it so as not to get eaten. Nothing as out of control as when Montel was trying to ascertain dominance and Vicki was having none of it.

Tonight, I was messing with Montel. I had him on his back and was making kissy noises in his ear (he hates that and yet it's his favourite game. Like teasing your little cousin or nephew you're going to kiss him.) He got all growly and lunged as though to bite me (also part of the game. He snaps and growls. Too cute.) Step in Vicki.

Apparently, the noise of the game was frustrating her. Much like how my father would scream downstairs that we were to stop fighting even though we were fake wrestling, Vicki growled ferociously (well, for a 9 lb dog) and the fight was on.

I got out of the way and waited for it to calm down. They have been solving their problems without drawing blood now for well over a year. But, the fight wasn't stopping. In fact, it was getting old school. So, I grabbed a blanket, separated them, held Vicki until she stopped trembling with Incredible Hulk like rage, and then allowed them to carry on as normal.

It was 20 mins later, I went to pet Montel's head and came away with blood. I looked closer and there is a 4mm gash above his right eye. So close to the eye ball it makes me squeamish to think of it. I called Ky in a panic, got directions for cleaning and care, and dealt with the bloody gash.

Everyone is in time outs in different corners. Vicki is in her bed under the piano and is sulking. Montel is cuddled next to me for comfort (and possibly protection) and Madison is off on her own snoring like crazy. I have to leave for work in about 6 minutes and am terrified I will come home to a mess of dog parts spread far across the living room.

I guess on the up side, it's one less dog to worry about.

I am participating in NaBloPoMo. Thank goodness I have no life or this would be hard!


  1. The other night, I patted Volk first instead of Bobik and they went at it. Again. I just left. Figured to sort out the survivor in the morning. In the morning, all was fine. No blood, nothing.
    One dog is lonesome. Two dogs fight. Three dogs??

  2. Hopefully they've gotten it all out of their system and will just avoid each other today. I'll keep thinking good thoughts that all will be well!

  3. Hopefully it's out of their system for a bit and you won't have a big mess to clean up when you get home.


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