Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Heirloom" Project

I have started a project. A family project. A project of great important. Now, this is not to be confused with many other projects I have started. Like scanning all the family photos into the computer and reorganizing them into safe albums. This is not like that. This will be completed.

I am taking pictures of things of importance in our family. Things we love and have fond memories of. Important things. Things I love and would like to keep forever. However...

I live in a teeny house and have in my teeny house stored everything my father and mother and siblings and self have created, collected, purchased, received, etc. EVER. Some things I want to keep, but I know I would only be keeping them to pull out once every decade, remember them fondly, and put them back in storage for another decade. Since that is counter productive, I have decided to take pictures of things.

I will take pictures of important things to preserve the memories. Then I will write those memories down (or force a sibling or parent to write the memory) and put all the pictures and the memories into a book so we can look back fondly once a decade into a neat and tidy past which is well organized and labelled.

Expect this to be finished sometime in the year 2058.


  1. What a great idea! I've wanted to do this for some of the memorabilia I have piled in boxes. I could just take a picture and be done with it. Well-organized digital storage rocks. However, I also have to be careful to not pile up digital files that I never look at again... oops!

  2. It was my cousin Judy who suggested it. Seemed like the best way to deal with all the stuff I can't get home to sort. Bron added the idea of writing out the details and making a book. I'd sooner PDF files on a DVD or something but they are easy to print into a book. Thanks, Sweetheart for doing this for all of us packrats.


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