Thursday, October 09, 2008

For sale: 3 dogs to a good home. Or a bad one. Whichever.

Snippets of a conversation (via text -- we're so modern) between Lyn and myself.

B: I am so angry at the dogs right now. If Maddy cries one more time, I am going to lose my sh**. I have been threatening to kill all the dogs whenever they so much as move.

L: You should sell them all. You'd be happier.

B: Yes, but lonely. And happy. And fatter. And happy. (Starting to considering it.)

L: But lonely and sadder.

B: And happy. And carefree.

B: You know, some day we're going to have this exact conversation about my children.

I'm just hoping it won't be because one of the kids peed on my bed to punish me for leaving him at the groomer's until noon. Because that? Is just not cool.


  1. Nah, the kid won't pee on the bed to punish you. Your shoes maybe. Or inside your purse. LOL

  2. I can honestly say neither of my babies has ever peed on purpose to upset me. Other things maybe, peeing no.


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