Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a weak week

I have not posted in 7 full days. That is so not right. I must be feeling ill. I will now rectify that by posting every 20 minutes for the next week. You have been forewarned.

This week has been hectic. I spent 3 days in a podunk town with few services available. I went for a walk one night after 8pm and found a Dairy Queen, a local video store and a 7-11. They were some good times.

My sister Lyn* has been home for the weekend and I have missed her terribly. I am sad that Ky couldn't come home too, but we all talked on the phone a bit today, so that was ok.

The pups have been extra needy this week. They have been getting used to not having a human around at all times. However, it means that when there is a human around, they must be paid attention to at all times. This is cutting down on my blogging time, but has not stopped my watching of Season 3 of Veronica Mars. I have my priorities.

At the moment, I am cooking up a storm. I am sending Lyn home with care packages for herself and for Grandma. (I had to bribe Lyn with lasagna in order to get her to take the goods to Grandma.) I've made Chicken Plov (with raisins), Pork Plov (without raisins), Lasagna, Spaghetti and meat sauce, and many bags of chicken. I am back on the diet from hell starting tomorrow, so I need to be prepared. Yay for high protein! Bletch.

Now, I am off to McDonalds and then I will come home and make more chocolate zucchini muffins.

What? I said I need to be prepared. That's 6 whole weeks eating healthy. I need to ease my way in.

*This is much different from Sister Lyn. Before the girls moved out, an agency called looking for me. Ky replied "That's my sister." And now, all my correspondence from this group is addressed to "Sister Bronwyn". Sigh. Jut because I'm single and lived with my sisters does NOT make me a nun.

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