Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fam Damily

Just to clear up any and all confusion, I thought I would introduce you to my family. There are a lot of them and most of them take up space on the 'net.

First, my immediate family:
My father:
The Blog Fodder (see how he did that? Yeah, he's clever that way.) He writes from his little (sarcasm) home in some small town on the edge of a city far from anywhere you have ever heard of, Ukraine. He is retired and figures if he pretends to be busy on the computer, his wife will not make him do yard work. His profile pic and mine prove we are related. Your condolences are greatly appreciated.
My sisters:
Ky and LynnieC (they co write a blog with their best friend, my pseudo-sister, Just A Girl) Both sisters have now left me for greater things (well, school things... Lyn did go to Alberta. Gag.) They do everything together, so the blog is just another example of codependency.
My sister-in-law and brother:
They only hang out on Facebook and haunt the three family sites so they can make rude comments. (Brother, I am looking at you.) I am trying to convince my brother to write a blog, but it would likely be filled with many eff words and ranting. And that would just be at his wife!

My extended family:
Uncle David, my Dad's cousin. He rides trick bikes and keeps his daughters in line.
Janny is one of those daughters. She is a teacher, a math geek and a pop-culture goddess.
Queen Mary is the other daughter. (Not less of a daughter, just other.) She is a history geek, a PhD student and married to a wonderful man I would steal in a heartbeat. He has a blog too, but never updates.
Jen is another long distance cousin. Her grandpa and my grandpa were 1st cousins... right? She's an adorable bundle of energy that makes me tired just being in the same room.
KB was my parents' neighbour who turned into a really great friend. She's got two dogs, two kids, two jobs and more patience and love than anyone I know.

I think that is all my family on the net. However, I'm related to damn near EVERYONE, so it's possible I am missing someone.


  1. And you know how much my husband loves you too.

    (Let's see if the trick bike comment shocks Dad into commenting!)

  2. Riding a trick bike is easier than keeping my daughters in line!

  3. Wow after reading the list of people your related to ..........I started thinking maybe we are related.......
    At the very least I'm gonna tell everyone we went to school together...
    That way I don't feel so left out.......;)

  4. That's right.

    Also, you wouldn't mind being in the same room as me this weekend, other than being infested with my germs. I have the cold of voice stealing death, and it is Rebekah's wedding weekend. :(

  5. Thanks for doing this as I was going to have to if you didn't. Your version was funnier than mine might have been.

  6. Holy sweet shit of buggering crap monkies!! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH ANGST YOU HAVE DRIVEN ME TO??

    Do you not realize that I was the first, last and ONLY person to zero in on the fact that blog fodder's childhood photo looked just like YOURS?

    You owe me about a MILLION apologies for allowing me to keep scratching my head over the fact that I'd found two diverse people who so closely resembled each other that I KNEW they had to be related.

    Now I have to figure out what to do. I love both of you SO much. weird, weird, weird.

    I should get a job hunting down criminals on AMERICA'S MOST WANTED.

  7. Queen: I know he does. He's great. Also, I totally said the trick bike thing to make your dad comment.

    DC: You did not disappoint!

    Keeper: I'm cool with that.

    Dad: Isn't that how I always do things? Better and funnier than you? hehe

    Dana: I tried to tell you that you were right. But I think you didn't read the comments. Being that you probably found us both through crazybarefeet's site, it's not so unlikely. But yes, we do look the same.

  8. Alberta is NOT gag! Alberta is wonderful! And it is even more wonderful with Lyn here!


Crap monkies say "what?"