Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wanton Barbie

I have become an old woman. Yes, this is not a new development, but sometimes things happen that really hammer that point home. I've been known to mutter things like "Turn down that loud music!!" or "Pull your pants up! I can see your bum." but that's usually just to Lyn.

Last night, The Guy and I went for dinner at a local hot spot. (Read: not Denny's) We enjoyed our supper out on the patio so we could savour the fresh air. And, so I did not need my sweater. It was here I was reminded quite bluntly of how old I am.

Across the room, sat two girls with two boys. None could have been over 16. The boys were covered top to bottom. Trucker hats, long sleeve shirts, baggy jeans and runners. Complete coverage. I thought maybe they felt sorry for all the fabric the girls had obviously rejected.

The girls were trying to look 21 and perched themselves like they were trolling at the bar. Each wore makeup fitting to a Geisha or a Las Vegas hooker -- whichever. The first girl wore teeny tiny shorts and a ruched tube top. The second girl wore the EXACT SAME OUTFIT in a different colour. I'll have you know, they were showing their uniqueness. Neither wore a bra and both sets of bum cheeks were dropped down below the hem of their shorts. They looked like they had raided their 5 year old sibling's closets. If those 5 year olds were training to be harlots.

I mentioned to The Guy how inappropriate it was. I let it be known that no child of mine will leave the house in that kind of get up. The Guy agreed "Girls should be of age before they're allowed to dress like whores."


  1. I totally hate seeing young (or old) girls wearing skanky clothing. Just stop, already!

  2. Yeah - it makes me feel old too. But I can handle old as long as I don't have to see someone's butt cheeks hanging out of their shorts.

  3. If you're old, then I'm ancient. Lets just say we're "practiced", and leave it at that.


    And as for the dress of "young ladies" these days, don't even get me started. When my step daughter was 18 or 19, her mother allowed her to get on a plane to fly from CT to IN, ALONE, wearing flip flops, teensy bum-peeking shorts, and a shirt that was so tight and low cut that it truly left nothing to the imagination. Oh yeah, and lots of harlot makeup.



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