Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just nod and smile

This week at church camp, they introduced wireless Internet over the camp grounds. All us computer geeks were thrilled. It meant no longer having to wait a whole week to see what was going on in the world. Or at least we knew the second Brad and Angelina had their twins.

I spent every afternoon on my computer under the pretense of doing "work". Grandma was quite confused as I packed up my computer and headed down to the communal area to play work on the computer. One afternoon, she asked me where I was going and what I was going to do. I explained I was going to be working on some files (reading blogs) and emailing some friends. Grandma was very confused.

"So you all share one computer?"
"No Grandma, we all have our own computers."
"But how do you all get on the... the... what's it called?"
"The Internet. We are sharing a wireless connection."
"A what? How do you do that?"

I wasn't sure how to explain it to a woman who still cannot figure out what an answering machine is. I had no idea how to explain something I don't fully understand. So, I did what I always do. I made something up.

I told Grandma the wireless connection was like us using a satellite to gain access to the same wave of information. I figured it was simple enough and sounded right, so she would never know.

She stared at me for some time with massive confusion. She did not say anything else or ask any questions. She just stared at me, turned abruptly and walked away.


  1. Hahahahaha... I love it.
    It's so hard to explain the internet to people who don't already get it. I have a really hard time with it, having grown up online, basically. But yeah, on the technical side, I don't know much... I am still a little amazed that the internet exists when I try to think about what it actually exists.

    I love old people.

  2. I make up stories all the time with the Gman, just easier sometimes, unless I'm talking to his hallucanations, now that's a whole different ball game.


  3. Okay now. Being one of the elders, I really think you should cut granny some slack and just "take her to the internet".

    I know this is going to sound "corny" but look up a few things that she is interested in, ahead of time. Then show granny the magic button on your pc, then take her to the sites that she can see and say "DAMN GIRL! This is Fan-Friggin-Tastic!"


    I will always remember my daughter doing the "magic fingers of speed" when I only wanted to "learn". And I have always kinda, well, hated her for it.

  4. You should have hooked granny up.



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