Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pros and cons of football

I went to my first football game as a season ticket holder last night. After it rained all day, the clouds moved on just in time. It was a good experience and not nearly as bad as I had been dreading. I am still considering buying tickets to Reba McIntyre and Kelly Clarkson's concert just to make The Guy go to something out of his element, but we'll see how it goes.

While I was at the game, I started making a list of things I like and dislike about going to football games.

I like:

  • stadium hot dogs
  • smell of the ozone coming off the lights
  • exciting plays I actually followed and understood (sorta)
  • the guy 5 rows down with the homemade combine hat
  • little girls with pigtails and face paint
  • fire works
  • parachuters dropped from a plane into the middle of the field
  • the mascot. (Yes, I admit. I think Gainer is funny. Even if he "likes women"*)
I do not like:

  • drunk people
  • heckling
  • booing the visiting team
  • yelling "You suck" at a coach or player
  • the cost of drinks and hot dogs at the stadium - ($7.50 for a coke and a hot dog. What?)
  • drunk people getting louder
I have a hard time with what I consider unsportsmanlike conduct. That was my least favourite part of the game. They say it's worse when Calgary comes to play. I'm going to skip those games. I just think it's tacky and uncalled for. You can watch a game without getting drunk and offensive.

Although, I am new to the sport.

*edit: I forgot to explain this. Janny was at a gas station when Gainer happened to be there. Gainer tried to hug her repeatedly and followed her around when she tried to evade him. A strange trucker who was standing by said to her, "Gainer likes women" in a leery Ozarks kind of way.


  1. Quick! Explain the "*" for the readers.

  2. Ky: Thanks. I forgot.

    Kate: Thanks, it's an old one I decided to resurrect.

  3. When Chris went to the Western Final at BC Place, he found out that they actually have drinking and non-drinking sections there. He sat with families and non-drunk people (which was especially nice because he was surrounded by the other team's fans) and it was pleasant.

  4. Again, anytime you want to pass the tickets off to someone who loves going to football games very much, I'm always available.


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