Thursday, May 22, 2008

Now that's a happy puppy

The night after I have worked many night shifts in a row, I usually can't sleep. This annoys my dogs. Having had my queen sized bed all to themselves for 5 nights, they are not pleased that I have returned and not only claimed my section of the bed (top right corner) but I am keeping them awake with the light still on and the incessant typing. How rude.

Madison keeps growling at me every time I move. It's like "HEY! I'm sleeping here!" Montel is a little less aggressive with his annoyance. Every time I get in the way, he gets up and moves so I am not bothering him. He does it with an air of indignation that lets me know I have interrupted his life.

One of my joys (other than being in their way in my own bed) is to watch them sleep. I do this mostly because it's one of the few times they are well behaved, not fighting with each other and not annoying me. I've been sitting here watching them sleep (which sounds creepier than I intended) for a while now. They are both calm and breathing slowly until Montel starts twitching in his sleep.

I figured he was chasing rabbits. But then he starts wagging his tail. Slowly at first and then faster and faster. What kind of dog wags his tail in his sleep? I couldn't keep from laughing and the muffled snorts woke him up. He looked over his shoulder at me like "Are you still here?" and went back to sleep.


  1. What I want to know is how smallish dogs manage to somehow fill an entire bed. I had a Cocker Spaniel & I swear his legs all grew a 8 inches when he was in my bed.

  2. Is one of those babies of yours a BICHON? He looks so much like my boy. I can only say it here, but I am totally smitten and IN LOVE with my little boy.......and sometimes he feels the same about me. But at night? fuhgetaboutit! That little Bichon turns into a Irish Wolf Hound. I had to buy a queen sized mattress when my double mattress became too small for ME. Lucky was fine. It was ME that was getting scrunched at the corner.

  3. Mine are all cock-a-poos. None weigh over 18 pounds and yet each of them commands at minimum 4 feet of space on my bed. I don't know how they do it.

  4. our beagle, phoebe, is very entertaining to watch when she sleeps ... the feet, the tail, the twitching nose ... i think she has some good bunny chases in her sleep. but she also snores like a drunken sailor with a deviated septum!

  5. I agree, a sleeping is a good dog! Happily mine always sleeps in her bed, the cats on the other hand, well we'll just say that I don't end up with a lot of bed real estate.

  6. I like watching my brats - er, I mean cats - sleep, too. The paw and whisker twitching is the best.


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