Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lesson learned

I've just spent 45 mins on the phone with Dell. Twenty-three of those minutes were on hold. However, the woman who helped me was so fantastic and kind and had such a good sense of humour, I couldn't even complain about the long wait.

My computer cord has been acting up. It has a short between the "brick" (the box like thingy where the energy goes) and the cord that leads to the power source. I have been wiggling the cord and sometimes that fixes the problem.

Tonight it didn't. So, I called Dell. And waited. And hung up. And decided to try it again in the later evening because I figured less people would be calling. So I called again. And waited. And got mad. And waited just to spite them so I could yell when they got on the line.

Kat came on the line. (Her co-worker called her "Kitty Kat" while I was talking to her. Ha!) She was very professional. She asked me to grab the power cord, plug it in and tell her what happened. I explained I have been doing that all night and it hasn't worked. Except. right. then. Why does that happen??

She explained there is a short and I am still under warranty, so she will send me a new cord. I have less than three months left of the warranty, so it is a good thing I did it now. And she told me it will be here by Thursday at the latest. Crazy!! Just as we're about to hang up, she says "And what did we learn today, Bronwyn?" I used my best chastised child voice and replied, "To call a professional when there is a problem instead of trying to fix it myself."



  1. Had she not been so nice you could have said "I learned that there's a 45 minute wait to be patronized by a Dell Customer Service Rep" ;-)

  2. Dell: they blow hot and then cold. Sometimes they suck, and sometimes they rock. I don't do well with instability in my machines, so I'm graduating to a Mac. ;)

  3. Kitty Kat amuses me. I had a car salesman once named Chuck, and his coworker (manager, actually) called him Upchuck. To his face. It did not amuse me.

  4. Joe: That's what I would have said if she was at all snarly. I think it's a good thing they hire happy people.

    Kate: I wasn't brave enough for the Mac. At least I know all Dell faults and know how to fix them.

    Kalki: Oh com'on UpChuck is funny. I mean, not if he's selling you a car...


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