Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a phrase

I was reminiscing with my sister about things our parent used to say that alternately amused us and drove us crazy. I decided to make a list. These were things they said on a regular basis. Mostly in response to use complaining madly about something highly. unfair. Some of the phrases still annoy me (and my childhood self) and others I find make me smile now that I am not a teenager.
  • Get that. It might be the phone.
  • It's a long way from your heart.
  • Are you bleeding? Then I don't care.
  • Goodly night, Orville.
  • Love you lots and lots. Houses and lots. Hotels, too. (Dad used this in an email to me recently and I grinned like a fool. It used to make me roll my eyes as only a thirteen year old girl can do.)
  • That's your punishment for being a child.
  • Off like a terd of hurtles

I can't remember any more at the moment. What things did your parents say to make you mental?


  1. One of my Dad's more notorious sayings is, "all over that like a soup sandwich!"

  2. my mom was more of a singer: "I see your hiney all bright & shiny. you better hide it, before I bite it." (sang with a southern twang, of course...) was my wake up song. hah. I can't believe I am putting this up for public viewing! :)

  3. I can't just leave this alone. It's "Good-i-ly Night, Orville." That second syllable is really important. Otherwise instead of sound silly, it sounds pilgrimy, "'Tis a goodly night, Orville." "Aye, Abraham. That it is."

  4. soundING not sound. Sorry.

  5. Yarg. It's "Goodly Night" in the Irish Rover's song, so you're right. Sorry. But it always sounded like Dad said "Goodily."

  6. And dad now reads our blogs.


    Sorry guys.


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