Saturday, March 01, 2008

Revisiting Housework

I have changed my RSS (?) feed so it is only showing part of my posts. This only applies to people who subscribe to the feed and read my posts through that.

I am trying to encourage people to actually come to the site instead of being so far away. If this doesn't work for people, or is really annoying, please tell me and I will consider switching it back.

Thanks, Management.

***** EDIT *****

Well, I had no idea how many offices won't allow access to non-work type pages. Apparently, it's a lot. So, in order to preserve my readership. (Like the 3 people or so who aren't related and/or reading my blog from my sofa) I will switch it back. However, this comes with strings. You have to come visit personally more often when you can so I will feel loved. And I will do the same to yours.


  1. Weird, I was just talking with my sister last night about making the same change.

  2. Nooooo! RSS feeds are the friend of office workers everywhere. Due to their ability to obfuscate non-work related internet readings.

  3. I prefer the full feed, but I totally understand why you'd want to shorten it. It's nice when you make a change to the site and people actually notice it and stuff. :)

  4. Roger and Seven: ok. Maybe not then. But you have to promise to come visit personally when you can.


  5. I will read anything that google reader gives me and follw where you say to go (well, to a point anyway).

  6. Mandy Lou: Excellent. That is all I ask for.


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