Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Menagerie in pictures

You've seen my picture with the dolphins, but that hardly touches the amount of animals I met and handled during my time in Cuba.

It all started with a monkey. (Doesn't it always?) We followed the monkey in his little Western outfit until we came upon a dog show. The dogs did many tricks with jumping through hoops and played to the crowd quite well. Then a donkey came on stage and did a skit with the trainer. Finally, the monkey appeared again. On a goat's back. Because, what else would you expect from Cuba?

The monkey held on tightly because I think deep down he knew the goat would leave him in the dust given half the chance. Goats are devious that way.

After the show, people were given a chance to have their pictures taken with each of the animals. I jumped at mine and got to hold the crocodile. It all went down hill from there. I enjoyed every moment of it.

As I was holding the crocodile, the trainer came up behind me and set the monkey on my shoulder. He tried to climb on my head.

Later that week, we took a walk to a local park. And, of course, we found a camel. I am assuming they swam from the desert, but what do I know about life? He smelled very bad but was quite well behaved. Shortly after this picture though it started to rain and he smelled even worse. The Guy was much less thrilled to be with the camel than I was.

As we hid from the rain at a sheltered deck bar, we ran across a man and his parrot. He let the parrot sit on my shoulder. I was supposed to pay him, but we had already spent all our money. I was hoping the joy on my face would be payment enough. Apparently not.

And finally, another creature of the sea. Before the dolphin trip, we got to catch what would later be lunch. (Not for me or The Guy but for other people.) I did get to hold it though and that was pretty cool. Afterward, I passed the lobster to another woman. (A French woman.) I wondered what would happen if I petted the lobsters antennae. So I did. While she was holding him. Know what they do?? They flail and fling lobster pooh. Needless to say, French lady was not impressed with me.

There were many other animals that crossed my path. Many cats who spent their days roaming the resort. Many dogs who roamed the town. Many horses who carted fat tourists to far away destinations. And many, many, many chickens.


  1. Those pictures are great, the colours are so vivid. Where they taken with your camera?

  2. Thanks! I will tell The Guy you think so. He took most of them and all are on his camera. Mine crapped out on the second day we were there. I had to live vicariously through his.

  3. you look so pretty and happy and rested in these pictures...The Guy and Cuba seem to agree with you!!!


Crap monkies say "what?"