Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been reading a certain blog by a stranger for some time now. Recently, his grandfather died leaving his grandmother who has Alzheimers. She has been finding out about his death every few hours when she forgets what she has been told and asks where he is. It's been breaking my heart to think of this poor family dealing with the shock of grief over and over and over again. I feel sick for them.


  1. I can only imagine how difficult - and heartbreaking - that must be.

  2. My great grandmother had Alzheimers. It was hard for everyone.

    As far as that family my heart goes out to them.

    My heart mainly for the woman who lost her soul mate. Can you imagine having that disease and having the one person who you loved with you everyday and now he is gone. Now the world is really full of strangers literally. Unfamiliar with her surroundings now that he is gone, her one true friend/lover. What is she to do, she is scared and frightened the one thing that she knew or remembered. Now her memory is fading as so has that person.

    That makes me sick to think of how frightened that woman must be. I would imagine that the family would be grieving however understanding from their grandmothers point of view.

    They are all in my hearts and prayers.

  3. The thought of losing my hubby is hard enough to handle, but then to have to experience that loss every couple of hours - wow. I'd just want to be sedated till the end of my days.

  4. oh my goodness, that's sooo sad. I wonder if they should just stop telling her what happened. If she forgets maybe they should just say he went out to get some milk? I dunno..that's a tough situation alright


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