Monday, February 18, 2008

Havana: Part 1

Out of all the places we saw in Cuba and all the things I loved, I loved Havana most. Everything about it touched me.

We only had a day there - actually closer to 5 hours - and it was not enough. The architecture alone could have kept me enthralled for days. But it was the contrast of the beauty of the architecture, the crumbling state of the buildings, the bareness of the homes and the strength of the people that amazed me.

This mother caught my eye while we walked down the streets of old Havana. Just a regular mom and her little girl. I imagine her life is not an easy one and yet she smiled. And smiled.

I watched as this old man asked tourists for money and cigarettes. He had nothing to offer them but old eyes and no teeth. He was so thin and yet his arms made me think he worked very hard in his time.


  1. Very touching pictures. Its amazing what we take for granted and then we see what people have or this don't have. Yet like the mother she smiles.

    Hmm something to think about.

  2. Love the photo of the woman. Fantastic.


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