Sunday, January 13, 2008

Human Kindness

Someone has been in my garage. A few days ago I noticed some boxes moved around, some bins opened and some other things shifted. I thought nothing of it really - just that one of the sisters was looking for something.

I thought later that the choice of things that were moved and opened was a bit odd. The Hallowe'en decorations were moved and a box was ripped open. The bags of donations was opened and riffled through. It felt off, but I ignored it.

Then I asked Ky about it. Two of her bins of clothes and linens were open, but she had not been in them. It was then my stomach sank.

Someone had been in my garage.

The main dead bolt is usually locked. All summer long it is locked. But, in the winter with the shifting of houses and expanding of metal, it does not lock. So, the door has been open. I didn't think it was a big deal. You can't easily get into my backyard anyway. The gates are frozen and I haven't shovelled a path. There is no access through the back unless you step over the fence, but that requires trudging through snow. It never dawned on me that someone would do it.

I feel slightly sick about it. That feeling of being dirtied and invaded. As far as I know, nothing is missing (which is good considering the tools and such I have in there) but it is the knowledge that someone trespassed in my life without my permission. The knowledge that people are really that untrustworthy. You would think I would know that by now. I see it daily at work. But still it come as a shock to my system.

I have figured out the other lock on the door works during the winter when it never works in the summer. So, I am back to locking the door at all times again. But I regret that I am forced to do so.


  1. Last year my car got broken into and they rooted around in all my stuff and I had that same feeling as you...definitely dirty and invaded. I was uncomfortable being in my car for a long time.

  2. That is very scary and I am so sorry that happened to you. I am glad you are okay and I would consider locking the rest of your house. People are funny and weird. That happened to my grandmother once where she had things organized in the garage and they seemed to have been moved or opened. Someone was scoping out what they had. She finally closed her garage door.

  3. That's creepy. Sorry to hear. I've had a few items taken from my yard and a brand new weed wackker taken from my shed. You can't even say it's the area though. My parents live in the East End and their house got broken into last year. My dad's wedding ring got stolen and some expensive camera equipment. People are jerks.

  4. Aw man, that ain't right. SO creepy. I would feel violated, too. And also sad for the person, that they were so desperate. (Although maybe not so desperate, if they didn't actually take anything. Hmmm.)

  5. That's sad... I'm sorry.
    I hate that feeling.

  6. You want creepy? My bags returned from Air Canada after a month. It had books that weren't mine in it, and all my clothes came back. Except my underwear. Yup, even the dirty underwear in the laundry bag. The left the rest of the dirty clothes, but not the lingerie. So somewhere some creep is living with my stuff! ICK! Not to mention the financial loss. ICK!!!!!!!!!!!


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