Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am writing this from the lobby of our hotel. It is not quite what I expected, but I am having a good time. The food is decent, the pool is great, the beach is amazing. And, I am not burned. Yet.

So far, I have seen two things that amused me highly. The first being a sign, loosely translated, saying "Protect us from Revolution." The next was a field of "Hannigans" they use for rope and birth control. Not sure how that works.

Okay, running out of time.


  1. Have fun for all America! (We can't visit, you know).

  2. You must get more info on the "Hannigans" - I'm dying to know!

    Have fun, try not to get burned!

  3. I know you're out of town... but "tag".

  4. You've been tagged twice now, Bron.

    Also, I hate you. You are in Cuba, and yesterday there was a blizzard. Today it was -52. It's going to warm up to a steamy -21 this weekend. And you're going to come home with a tan.

  5. Luck girl, hope you are having fun!!!


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