Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh. You don't care?

Tonight after a short walk, Ky and I bathed the dogs. They, like other dogs, smell bad. Although, to be fair, it is not just the dogs. Actually, my entire house reeks. If I come to visit you and I smell of pork and onions, it is really not my fault, I swear.

For the last few months, I have been working steadily on teaching the dogs a new trick. You would think I would teach them something useful like "fetch", "roll over", "play dead" or "take that man's wallet as he leans to pet you". But I haven't. Instead, I have been teaching them to sit in front of the hairdryer. Every time I blow dry my hair, I aim it at the pups for bit. At first, it freaked them out, but eventually even Monty got used to it. Now they all sit pretty and wait to have their hair blewed. To be blown. Whatever.

Tonight, I decided I would try and get it all on tape. I grabbed my camera, switched it to recording and aimed it at Vicki. I took two takes of her and the hair dryer. She sat for a couple of minutes (ok, 45 seconds) and her ears flapped in the wind. I proudly downloaded it to my computer.

As I was going over the tapes, I proudly announced to Ky that the second was the best shot. I was planning on uploading it on here so you can all be amazed at my training abilities. (No, I cannot get them to sit or speak or listen, but they can get their hair done!) Ky looked at me like I had lost my mind and then I realized, perhaps it would only be I who was impressed.


  1. Ky is wrong. Post the video!!!

  2. In the video, she's just sitting. I expected her to do something clever or cute, like bite the air, or squiggle about. But she just sits there. It's really not that interesting. I promise.

  3. You like to wreck everything KY!

  4. Who cares what people say? It's your blog. Post the video! :)

  5. I actually go to WalMart all the time too... It's so cheap! And yeah, go for it with the coaster thing. I have so many CDs that I don't use, and it was a good way to turn them into something someone can actually use!
    And thanks for the comment. :)

  6. You are now officially my hero! George would never sit still for me to blow dry her! I take George to the groomer for a couple of reasons:

    1. I'm absolute rubbish at grooming her and she won't sit still for me
    2. We don't actually have a bathtub (makes bathing a 50 pound dog a bit tricky)
    3. I am seriously lazy and I can scrape together 50 bucks every other month

    Post the video if you want!

  7. I was laughing so hard reading this because JUST THIS WEEK Dookie has become obsessed with the hair dryer. She runs and slides into the bathroom onto my feet and then waits for me to blow dry her face so she can snap at the air (not unlike the water bottle).

    I say post the video. Do a little doggie make-over. :)


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