Thursday, December 13, 2007

In from the cold

***Warning - picture of my upper thigh to follow. I was taking the shot myself, so I look particularly huge. Don't judge me. I'm a big girl.***

I am an oddity. Yes, you are aware of this, but I can take it to levels you have never known. It's my gift. And my curse. Sigh.

Most people I know are allergic to things. My brother has milk and egg whites, my one sister has metal and dogs, and the other has strawberries, orange juice and the like. I have never been allergic to anything edible. (Except things I don't like. Or that make my tummy hurt, but that's from the old ulcer, not the allergy.) I am allergic to one thing.

I'm allergic to the cold.

You would think this is insane and I must be the only one, but it runs in the family. My mom had it and at least one sister has it. The cold gives us hives. If not properly bundled, certain extremities develop hives. Big, nasty, itchy, swollen hives.

So, when I am out for more than 10 mins, I have to wear long johns. This week, I forgot. And here is what happened.

If you look closely (although, you likely don't want to) you can see the line where my jacket stops protecting me. This is about 5 mins after the walk, so it had a bit to warm up by then. The hives are just starting above my knee and creeping upwards. It takes at least an hour or a hot shower (baths are way too painful at this point) for it to resume normal functioning.

Oh how I love winter. My anscestors must have hated me when they chose to live here. It jumps from -40 Celcius to + 40 celcius in a matter of 6 months. I can't win.

My other fun fact is, I burn like a mofo in the summer. That's why my favourite season is the three weeks of fall we have. It's the only time I'm not at risk of serious damage.

**** Edit: DO NOT click on the picture. It will take you to the biggest view of my thigh ever to exist. It is not good. It will burn your retinas. ***


  1. Cool, I'd been wanting new computer wallpaper. Thanks B.

  2. I know someone who is allegic to cold, and no one believes him at first. All he has to do to prove it is grasp a cold glass, like a beer stein that's been chilled and his hand swells until it looks like a cartoon balloon hand.

  3. I clicked on the picture. My thigh is still bigger. Did I mention we have a 19 inch monitor???

  4. Jason: I will kill you. Don't even joke!

    KB: That is an awesome party trick.

    SiL: I will kill you too. That's just mean!!

  5. There are very few thighs on earth that photograph well from that angle - don't worry!

    Have you thought about a move to a more temperate climate :-)?!

  6. have I told you how much you remind me of my sister? I was on the phone with her when I saw this post so I read it to her... no pics were involved... and she laughed so hard! You are really good at telling your stories, B :) MISS YOU!

  7. HOW UNFORTUNATE! The rash, not the thigh. It looks like sunburn in the wintertime.

    I agree with MandyLou on both counts.

  8. Mandy Lou: I've thought about it. But what would I have to complain about?

    Steph: I miss you too. Glad you all can laugh at my expense.

    Scoobers: It basically is a sunburn in the winter. With blisters. And that's not the only part of me that gets that way. You should see my bum!

    Not that I'm inviting that. That would be weird.

  9. Oh wow, I get the same thing! It sure does suck! I get rashy, red, tender skin anywhere I am protected by less than 2 layers of clothing. Not as badly as you do, I can see, but still. That sucks. You need to move to somewhere warm, posthaste!


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