Friday, November 09, 2007

Life of a shut in

I am hiding. From everything. Mostly, I am hiding from responsibility and reality.

I woke up today and my mind started chanting "I'm too fat. I'm too fat". It was instantly joined by "You only have two days left to get ready and you are no where near being ready." And then finally by "I want a cheeseburger. And fries covered in cheese. And sour cream."

It was then I decided I was never going to get out of bed again. Because:
  • If I can't get the house clean in time for the Step Mother to arrive, I should just not start.
  • If I can't get skinny by doing nothing and eating what I want, I might as well be fat.
  • If I can't have cheeseburgers, fries, cheese and sour cream, I am staying in bed.
  • If I have to deal with financial things and be a grown up, I am going on strike.

Today is just a bad day. And those days are best spent in bed.

The only bad thing may be the bed sores if I stay too long.


  1. Bed sores be damned - I agree, some days are best spent in bed (or under it!).

  2. i love this post. you have no idea how close to my own thoughts this comes on some days.


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