Wednesday, November 07, 2007

36x365: Judy E

Judy is a scholar and a Southern. She came North for the summers after she married Dave E rather late in life. She approached the venture North with the grace and flair that Southerners are known to have. She waxed poetically of all our Saskatchewanian virtues, could name every bird that fluttered on her feeders, and could decipher Latin easily. She introduced me to the finer things in life - like sliced grapes on chicken sandwiches.

When I think of her, my thoughts go immediately to a story she told of when she was a little girl. Her mother discovered her jumping on the bed. That should have been enough to get her in trouble, but she was chanting "postprandial, postprandial". Her mother figured that any child that excited about the English language needed an outlet and let it pass.

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  1. Was it postprandial jumping? Did her mother teach her to wait 30 minutes? There could be cramping!


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