Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm... logical?

While cruising the Internet, I visited Violet at Miserablebliss. She had the neatest post found at this site.

I have watched and watched this girl spin. I have watched her spin one way and one way only. I have waited for her to spin some other way. But it is not happening. I have willed her to spin another way, but no. And so, knowing she is a counter-clockwise spinner for me, I read what that means. I am a left brainer.

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
acknowledges order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

Okay, I can see that I am practical and like rules and patterns (I was once told I couldn't be spontaneous if I tried) and I am totally reality based and like things to be safe. But... nothing creative? No way I can make the poor girl spin the other way? I want to be "believing" and "impetuous". I can do it... can't I?

Probably not. Once I helped decorate for a wedding and I was making everything symmetrical. Someone took the ivy out of my hands and did an extra loop on one side. I still can't look at the wedding pictures.


  1. Hmm.. Maybe the trick, for you, would be to stare at her twirling in her plain ol' way and daydream about something creative? Imagine her wearing a pink tutu and lime green socks? Imagine her spinning so hard she flies off of the screen?

    (I am trying to not mention that I'm laughing out loud about the ivy... Heeeee!)

  2. Oh sure, mock the mental health issues! ha. I guess I deserve it.

    And, that trick worked. Once I started dressing her up in my head, she spun the other way. It was awesome. Now, I can't get her to go the original direction.

  3. It's MONDAY. Everyone needs a little mocking on MONDAY. :)

    If you got her spinning in the opposite direction by thinking about something totally creative, you can make her spin back the other way by thinking about something very logical.

    Stare at her feet and daydream about organizing your spices alphabetically (try to name them all in your head)or read the words to the left of the image and SPELL them inside your head (h-e-a-d)...

  4. I can only see her turn clockwise. I can't flip it to go counter-clockwise.

    Was it necessary for her to have nipples?

  5. Why is it that I can only see her spin clockwise? And why would I claim that May-B is more likely to be right-brained than Janice?

  6. Clockwise. She went counter clockwise for half a second when I wasn't paying attention to her, but as soon as I looked at her, she went clockwise again as soon as I looked at her and she stayed that way no matter how hard I try.

    I don't understand this, because I like everything to be symmetrical.


  7. It just show which side is dominate. It doesn't mean that someone who has mainly left brain tenancies can't also have some right brain tenancies. Most of my success in the maths and sciences have stemmed from high interest, good memory and creativity. A lot of people forget my favourite subjects in school were English, History and music.

  8. You have the best links of any blog ever. Really. She was spinning clock wise for me at first but I am totally not left brain. I looked away for a minute and then she changed! Cool.

  9. For me, she kept switching, and I kept laughing and clapping every time she did. And Lyn was looking over my shoulder, and it kept switching for her, but at different times. It was so weird.
    Also, I have to agree that the nipples were highly unnecessary.

  10. Weirdest thing ever!
    At first all I could see was counter-clockwise. After what seemed like hours... I focused on the shadow all I could see was clockwise.


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