Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ants in my pants

I think it's the time of year. Not only have the blahs got me, but the urge to move is there too. I want to sell my house and move to a new place. I want to rearrange furniture and paint walls and put away things into cupboards. I want to start over. Fresh. With no mistakes in it. I want to pack my belongings and my dogs into my car and drive away.

I even want to tear my entire blog down and start over. It's too messy.


  1. I absolutely forbid it. For a change I don't have neighbours that are complete asses and I'm not giving that up.

  2. Wouldn't you have to unpack everything from the last move before you packed everything and moved again?

  3. It's so weird reading your blog because usually what you're feeling is the exact thing I am. Why don't we hang out more? We're obviously exactly the same.
    I like your new blog look. If I knew how to do it I'd change mine too!

  4. I love reading your blog; it's hilariuos and often insightful. You are so real. God bless.

    PS if you want to take some advice from some anonymous person - marry The GUY - humour, tenderness and geniune care get you through a lot more troubles than fireworks and over time deepen into what can only be called real love.

  5. Jason: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. It's all good.

    Crazybf: That's a good point. And I say no to that. So, I guess I'm not going anywhere.

    Notquite: This is exactly my thought. We should do lunch. You know, some day when you aren't working 37 hours a day.

    Anonymous: Thank you so much. You are very kind and I am glad you are here. Welcome! And, on your PS, something tells me you are not wrong at all.

  6. HEY! Wanna' swap places? You'll ace the homestudy for me (YEAH!) and I'll.. umm.. keep your house warm and occupied! TOTALLY!

    I'm a giver. Yep.

    You can rearrange, you can redecorate, but if you ever LEAVE your blog I'm coming to SK to find you! :)

  7. If we do switch houses, will you keep all three dogs? And both sisters?...

    I'm in.

    And I promise not to leave the blog. Unless I move first b/c then you will never find me!


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