Saturday, October 27, 2007

29x365: Dave P

I met Dave through my brother while he was working on the bee farm. Dave was 17ish and totally small-town-Saskatchewan-boy. Hockey hair, t-shirt and jeans and a lazy way of talking. He was a nice guy and I always was fond of him.

A few years later, he ended up being in our fair city to be closer to his girlfriend and take some sort of schooling. Being that we had an empty room in our townhouse of girls, we let him move in. Ky, Shannon and I weren't sure how it was going to go - but we thought it would be nice to have a boy around.

He was the best roommate any of us have ever had. He cooked nothing but hot dogs and pork chops - all on a cookie sheet covered in tinfoil so he didn't have to clean up. He watched The Littlest Hobo and admitted he was always sad when the dog carried on at the end of the show. He loved my dog Dez more than anyone ever had. She wanted to sleep with him every night and when he moved out, she stared longingly at his door for weeks.

He's still my favourite.

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