Sunday, September 09, 2007

That's why no one died

The other night we sat down to watch an episode of CSI. I love CSI. (Miami is my favourite - I mean seriously, Horatio is the best cop on TV. No one cares like Horatio does. No one promises that everything will be alright except Horatio and do you know why? Because Horatio can make it happen. See that tilt of his head? That means he's listening. Really listening, you know?)

We watched for 2o minutes. A couple of women were frantically looking for their son who had ran away. We watched as he got into a semi that stopped for him on the highway. We watched the truck driver return the boy to the two women. Wait. What? Return the boy? Where is the crime here?

The next scene is two women making out. We realized we've been watching 20 minutes of The L Word.

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  1. It took you twenty minutes to figure out you were watching the wrong show? Not recognizing any characters or the lack of forensic evidence didn't clue you in?


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