Sunday, September 30, 2007

7x365: Grandpa L

The kindest man I ever knew, Grandpa L would tease you mercilessly if he liked you. My favourite memories are sitting with him in his big easy chair (or, when I got older, on the arm of that chair) cuddling, laughing and listening to him talk. He was very quiet except when he found something particularly funny. Then he would throw his head back and let out a guffaw. (Yes, a guffaw, he was from the olden days!)

He was balding before I knew him and when I was little I loved to pet the soft skin on the top of his head where I knew his hair should have been. He grew huge mutton chop side burns in the 60s and kept them until he was put in the care home because of his Alzheimer's and the hairdresser accidentally cut them off.

His smile is still in my mind and I miss his guidance, hugs and love all the time.

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