Friday, September 28, 2007

6x365: Allan L

When I first remember Allan I was a kid. He was a grown up - an odd distant cousin of my mother's. I spent 20 minutes one afternoon when I was 3 pouring Dixie Cup by Dixie Cup of rain water from the nearby bucket into his open guitar case. I might have gotten spanked for that, but what did they expect? I was unwatched for 20 minutes! I think, even at that young age, that I knew he was weird and thus unacceptable. Or, I was really amused at the way the felt lining of the guitar case would soak up water.


  1. Just like I can't be blamed for writing all over the vinyl chair at church at age 3. I wasn't doing it to be bad, I just discovered who well the ball-point pen wrote on vinyl. I think most of a 3 year olds learning of right and wrong comes from through the discovery of awesomeness.

  2. And isn't it sad how most of the awesomeness was the "wrong" side of that?

  3. As Strong Bad once said "You could use your powers for good or for awesome." I often quote that to students. Sadly, being awesome rarely means being good.

  4. When I was three I drew (with marker) all over the mirror closet doors at my parents house. I thought I had done this wonderful piece of art. I even went and got my dad to show him.
    I didn't quite get the praise I was looking for and he made me help him wash it off.


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