Thursday, July 19, 2007

My bi-polar day

I was in the greatest of moods today. I went to the lawyer to sign the things for my mortgage. I have been in the house for over a month, but it won't actually belong to me until the 19th. Tomorrow, I guess. Actually, today. The money won't be sorted out until the 24th. And then I can start my refinancing plan and life changing attitude towards money that I have been planning for months. I am excited.

Expect that somehow I have over spent in my exuberance to be spending less. And now have about $40 until the 24th. Except that the money on the 24th isn't actually mine - it is to pay bills. And now I am in a foul mood.

I had a great time at supper with KB, her girl and my sisters. We had girl time - listening to M's stories and planning a writer's club. Then we watched So You Think You Can Dance (but not spell, considering how long that took me) and had a grand time with QoWP and Janny at Dairy Queen (where I spent my last $4 on icecream that my waistline didn't need).

I was out later than I planned and got nothing accomplished today. Even though my throat doesn't hurt as much I have this stupid hacking, disgusting, mucus-filled cough that sounds like I've been smoking since the womb. And the dogs were alone and I was feeling guilty and now I'm impatient with everyone and I have things to worry about.

My moods are very MPD today. I think I need a nap.

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  1. haha, you should try being pregnant..Oi!! Talk about bi I just woke up after dreaming I was shopping with Kramer and smoking a HUGE cigar...woke myself up trying to blow smoke rings in the air...


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