Friday, June 15, 2007

Dog whistle

I live in a busy neighbourhood. Much busier than the last one. There is always someone driving , walking, biking etc. Which means, there is always something for my dogs to bark at. They can see it, they bark at it. Close the blinds? Then they bark at every noise they don't recognize. In an effort to keep them calm and from going mental every time a neighbour pulls up, I've been leaving music on for them.

I'm sure the first time I did this, Ky was surprised to come home to find the TV on and classical music blaring. I set it to CBC radio - it is the ONLY time I will allow it on in my house. I know, I know, Ky and Maryanne love it, but I do not.

Now I've been thinking. What if the dogs don't like it either? What if the sound of classical music, odd African music, screeching sopranos and the like are just as annoying to my dogs as to me? Do I turn it to something else? Would they rather listen to all instrumental? Easy listening? Folk? I have lots of choices - the TV radio is like satellite, you can listen to all manner of crap. I could leave them with a local radio station, but then they have to listen to the most annoying radio hosts ever!! So that just will not do. I will have to think more on this.

Or, perhaps, I've put too much thought into it. Hmm.


  1. Put on a different station every time you leave so they come to respect all types of music. And after awhile maybe you'll be able to tell which style puts them in the happiest and best mood.

    Brilliant I know. Just call me the dog whisperer.

  2. You are brilliant. I am so going to have to try that!


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