Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Karma's a bitch

Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have been a real jerk. Because karma is kicking my ass.

Yesterday, I borrowed a van from a lady in the church. She is always wanting to help us out and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I get what I want, she feels she helped and I don't have to spend excess time with her. See? Perfect.

So, I borrow her van. We load up two loads for the new house. And since I haven't eaten much by 10 that night, I go through McD's drive-thru. And run into a metal post they have set up for morons who can't drive. Now there is a pretty little scrape up the side of her vehicle. CRAP.

Also, during the packing and loading, I jammed my middle finger. It is swollen and bruised and hurts to touch anything I am carrying. It may be sprained. Or I might be a baby.

Either way, to whomever is reading this - if I have someway harmed you, mocked you, yelled at you, insulted you, beat you up, laughed at you or otherwise made your life miserable, I am sorry. Now tell karma to leave me alone!!!

**** Side note: I told the lady about the accident. She laughed and said things like that happen. Then she gave me a whole quiche she had just made. It was good.


  1. Ha. I was trying to figure out which lady (between E and A) until you mentioned the whole quiche. A it is.

  2. Soo, you smash up this lady's car and you get a quiche out of it? Sounds like karma's your best friend.

  3. I agree w/ Roger. Karma's never that good to me...


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